Back To School Dental Exams: Start The New School Year With A Smile

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Did you know that childhood cavities are the most chronic childhood problems? As you prepare to send your child back to school there are many items on the “to do” list. New clothes, books, new shoes, and a vision exam are common, but there should be one more important suggestion on that list, and that is back to school dental exams.

Don’t Overlook That Dental Exam

As the summer wanes and you (and your children) want to enjoy the last vestiges of vacation time, it’s easy to skip the dental exam. Your child is not complaining about any pain and you don’t notice anything suspicious.

The problem with that passive attitude is that children can have cavities without any pain. It’s much easier to treat something that is detected in its early stages than to wait until your child suddenly has a toothache that keeps him up all night.

Many dental appointments were delayed during the COVID lockdowns, so now is a great time to have that checkup. Schedule your child’s dental exam with Dr. JD Robinette in Hickory, NC.

Keep Your Children In Class

Did you know that dental problems are the primary cause of children missing school during the year? It is estimated that children miss more than 50 million hours of school each year due to dental problems.

A thorough cleaning with plaque and bacteria removed will help them to begin the school year with a healthy mouth. You know they will be bombarded with sweets and snacks at school, so get them started on the right track.Dentist examining little boy's teeth in clinic

Start A Positive Habit

Even if you don’t exactly love going to the dentist, motivate your child by explaining all the benefits. As they get in the habit of seeing a dental professional, it will get easier each time.

Encourage them further with the thought of that whiter brighter smile they will have as they see all their friends. It will also boost their self-esteem as they start school.

Convinced Yet?

As a parent you can discover important information about your child’s oral health. AskDr. JD Robinette about any bite or orthodontic issues. If an X-ray is taken, you can find out if your child’s teeth are developing properly and if the roots are healthy. An X-ray can also find any hidden decay between teeth.

Since children should visit the dentist twice a year, now would be a good time to schedule their next appointment in advance. Get it on the calendar so it will become a priority.

Contact Dr. JD Robinette at 828-267-0651 today if you have not scheduled your child’s back to school dental exam.