The Risk Of Too Much At-Home Teeth Whitening

There are those who think you can never be too rich or too thin, but then there are others with some common sense. The latest trend is having the most dazzling white teeth. We see many personalities on TV with a smile that blinds you. Unfortunately, it may be impressive, but there is actually the risk of too much at home teeth whitening.

Too Much Of A Good Thing

We all want to have that white, inviting smile that says, “Look at me. I am confident, successful and young.” Time, our lifestyle, and our diet interfere with keeping those young looking pearly whites.

Coffee, red wine, tomato based products, caffeine, and smoking all contribute to staining our teeth. Even if we avoided all those things, time will still intrude and make our teeth yellow or grey as we get older.

In the last decade or so, many of us have taken advantage of the numerous teeth whitening products out on the market. There are toothpastes, strips, rinses, trays and even whitening pens which claim to whiten our teeth and remove stains. They can do an OK job, but they are short-lived, and overuse of the strips and trays comes with some complications.

Risks Of Too Much At Home Products

Woman is whitening teeth with special toothpaste and LED light at home

Some of us can never seem to be satisfied with how white our teeth are, so we keep coming back for more. Using peroxide too often on our teeth can damage both our teeth and our gums. Overuse also creates problems.


Peroxide can cause you to have a reaction to hot or cold foods and beverages. When you overdo it, it can become even worse.

Irritated Gums

When you use over-the-counter whitening products with peroxide, it can irritate gums and cause them to bleed. It can also cause irritation in your throat and the inside or your mouth.

Loss Of Tooth Enamel

This is a serious issue. When whitening products lead to enamel erosion, the results can be fractures, decay, and pain.

A Translucent Appearance

When your teeth become translucent, they can actually look darker. This happens on the edges of your teeth, and although some of the other complications from over whitening will reverse once you stop using the product, here there is no remedy.

Professional Whitening In Hickory, NC

Why not have your teeth whitened by a professional? You can choose between an in-office procedure or trays to use at home. In both cases, your white smile will last longer, and you know it will be safer for your teeth and gums.

How white should your teeth be? Most professionals will tell you they should match the whites of your eyes. Anything whiter than that looks unnatural.

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