Why You Should See A Dentist For A Cracked Tooth

How many of us mindlessly chew on ice in our cold drinks? That is one habit we should all try to break. Biting down on ice, along with other misfortunes like an injury, can cause a cracked tooth. If this happens, don’t delay calling Dr. JD Robinette because there are multiple reasons why you should see a dentist for a cracked tooth.

Causes Of A Cracked ToothYoung man in a blue T-shirt with a chipped tooth

Someone can damage a tooth and cause a crack by continuing to practice bad habits like chewing on ice. We can also damage our teeth by doing it unwittingly. Grinding our teeth while we sleep is a good example. Known as bruxism, this pressure on our teeth can lead to one or more cracked teeth.

Another bad habit which needs correction is trying to open packages with our teeth. Ouch!

Other causes include the following:

  • A bad bite
  • Chewing and biting on something hard like candy
  • An injury or trauma like a car accident, physical violence, sports injury, or a fall
  • Being older
  • A quick change in the temperature in your mouth like drinking something very hot and trying to cool it with ice water
  • Too large of a dental filling

Symptoms Of A Cracked Tooth

Many times we aren’t aware we have damaged a tooth. We can’t see a small fracture or crack, but there are some signs to look for.

We will notice sensitivity to hot and cold food and beverages. We will feel pain when chewing or biting, and our gums may swell around the cracked tooth.

Why We Should Seek Treatment With A Cracked Tooth

A small crack in a tooth may not seem like a “big deal,” but a cracked tooth will not heal by itself and must be treated by a specialist like Dr. JD Robinette in Hickory, NC.

When a tooth has a fracture or crack, it exposes the inner layers of the tooth to bacteria which can ultimately lead to infection and tooth loss.

An infection will cause fever, tender glands in the neck, bad breath, and swollen gums.

It is essential to be treated as soon as possible to prevent these complications. Getting your tooth repaired can lessen the risk of more damage and infection.

Schedule an Appointment for Cracked Tooth Treatment in Hickory, NC

Contact Dr. JD Robinette at 828-267-0651 immediately if you suspect you have a cracked tooth. The appropriate treatment may save your tooth and help you avoid other dental issues.