Bone Grafts in Hickory, NC

Bone Grafting or Guided Bone Regeneration -GBR procedures usually try to re-establish bone dimension, which was lost due to resorption. A bone graft normally takes at least four to six months to heal, before a dental implant can be placed into it. There are times also that multiple grafts may be needed to produce the amount of bone needed. This is dependent on a person’s health and amount of bone being grafted. In certain cases, the surgeon may need to do a bone graft at the time of Implant placement.

Dr. J.D. Robinette provides guided bone regeneration at his dental practice in Hickory, NC. By using the latest in dental technology, Dr. Robinette is able to provide the best care available to each of his patients. Learn more and call 828-267-0651 to schedule your appointment today

Replacing missing bone or adding to existing bone is very often essential to the success of a dental implant and the ensuing restoration.

The success of a dental implant, its ability to support a dental restoration, is very much dependent upon how much bone is available in the site where the implant is placed. There are lots of things that affect the bone volume including things like periodontal disease, trauma and infections and in some cases the sinuses may expand into available space thus decreasing the bone volume. However, modern dental techniques assure that the success rate is quite high in patients who are basically healthy.

Scheduling Your Bone Graft Appointment in Hickory, NC

Dr. J.D. Robinette provides dental bone grafting at his office in Hickory, NC. Learn more and call 828-267-0651 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Robinette today!